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Are you looking for a toilet plumber in Lethbridge?

Are you looking for a toilet plumber Lethbridge?

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Domestic and Commercial Toilet Repair, Replacement and Installation Services

Homeowners or renters experience so many kinds of toilet problems, but if your toilet always seems to clog, water running continuously, or poor flushing power, Reliable Plumbers Lethbridge skilled technicians can help with assessing the problem, will offer free quotes before the job begins and will fix the toilet whether it needs replacement with a new one or just repair.  

Clogged Toilet Repair

If you have ever had to unclog a toilet then you know that a clogged toilet is one of the most common bathroom problems.

Sometimes it's easy to unclog a toilet by simply using a plunger, but we recommend always try to not throw anything that will cause a blockage or clog in your toilet.

Reliable Plumbers Calgary is a 24-hour company and always has a technician on stand-by to help you with any plumbing issue.

Running Toilet Repair

Causes of running toilets could be due to a corroded overflow pipe or a broken valve. To solve this problem easily, we have trained our skilled plumbers to be able to resolve the issue with running toilets, which will help you reduce wasting water.

If the toilet continues to run, don't wait till it's too late, call us immediately.

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Leaking Toilet Repair

You do not have to wait till you have any toilet plumbing issues.

It can be very expensive to fix a toilet depending on the issue.

We have done so many toilet plumbing projects and have enough experience to help solve your home problem.

Toilet plumber lethbridge alberta

Same Day Toilet Plumbing Services

Emergencies can happen anytime of the day or night and that's why as a company we have a policy of making sure we always do the job the same day to ensure that the homeowner is happy.

Ultimately customer satisfaction and quality service is our goal. We are here to stay for the long term to ensure satisfaction to the community.

Toilet Installation & Replacement Lethbridge

Reliable Plumbers Lethbridge contractors work around the clock and do all kinds of plumbing jobs on day and night, for example; we do toilet repair, unclogging toilets, fixing a leaking toilet and running water as well as toilet replacement and installation.

Whether it's a domestic repair or commercial repair, we are well equipped to handle the job.


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Reliable Plumbers Lethbridge is a full services plumbing company in Alberta. Our technicians are , trustworthy, honest, licensed, and bonded. Our mission is to ensure that we fix and repair any issue you might have, whether it's day or night. We guarantee our work provides plumbing services to the Lethbridge area and nearby cities 24/7. Call us anytime for same-day service.

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